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The Problem

Planning and organizing dining events can be extremely stressful and hectic. There are just too many factors to stay on top of when organizing events, especially during the holidays. What day and time works best for everyone involved? Where is it going to be? What should I bring? What is everyone else going to bring? Does anyone have any allergies or dietary restrictions that should be known?

There are no current solutions that are successful in streamlining the difficult process of navigating group dining events.

The Solution

Potluck is a mobile app to simplify the group dining experience by helping users organize and plan every step of the way and helping to facilitate communication between the members of the events.

Design Process

User Research

The first step in my design process was to gain a better understanding of the users the current problems that they face while trying to organize events so that I may design solutions to best fit the needs of Potluck's potential users. I did this by creating a poll where users can list off some of the difficulties that come with organizing group dining events.

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What I learned from this initial poll is that a lot of user's general concerns are similar; finding locations, making sure the food is adhering to allergy restrictions, scheduling, making sure that everyone is included and updated. From here, I was able to map out what was the main areas that the app needed to focus on function-wise.

User Needs and App Functionality

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Creating the map of functions allowed me to visibly plan what my major issues are and how the app may solve them. Once I had my general concerns and app functions down, I was able to create more in-depth user personas and journey mapping.

User Personas

I consolidated my findings from contextual inquiries and user reviews and created three user personas. I analyzed what I collected from user research to find out the common frustrations and goals of these potential users and created likely scenarios to match.

Journey Mapping

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After I had mapped out what were the possible issues that my app would be solving, and some of the user personas, I wanted to see if visually my app was simplifying the process and lowering the amount of steps that it would take for a user to complete their goal with and without the app. In this particular example, the user is trying to pay for their party's meal and wants to make sure that they have received their payment from everyone before they pay for the dinner with their card.


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Potluck App

Tools Used for Project:



InVision Studio


My Role:

User Research

Ideation and UX Design

User Personas

Journey Mapping


High and Low Fidelity Prototyping

Competitive Analysis

Writing Microcopy

Potluck is a user UX design project exploring the creation of an app used to gather people together and help better organize the streamline the process of planning and executing group dining experiences.


Thanksgiving dinner? Class party? Work lunch? Potluck is the one stop shop for making sure that all group dining experiences go off without a hitch.